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About the Award

The Honda Prize is awarded once a year to an individual or group that has achieved outstanding results in the field of ecotechnology. The Honda Prize has won recognition by the International Congress of Distinguished Awards (ICDA) as one of the world°«s most important awards.



The Diploma design is by Kazumasa Nagai. It symbolizes a balance of traditional Japanese craft and modern technology. The base is covered with Saga brocade, a fine example of Japanese traditional handcraft, and it is mounted with traditional handcrafted Japanese paper embedded with Japanese maple leaves.


This design aims to convey the Japanese origin of the Honda Prize, and the message that no matter how much technology advances, the minds and hands of people are at its core.

Supplemental Prize


10 million yen



The medal design is also by Kazumasa Nagai. The circle at the center of the design symbolizes Japan, and at the same time represents perfection of new technology. The material is gold plated with a pure silver base, another example of modern technology.


Kazumasa Nagai Honda Prize / Diploma Design
Kazumasa Nagai
(Director, Japan Graphic Designers Association)
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