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Past laureates of the Honda Prize

1980 1990 2000 2010
Lotfi Asker Zadeh Dr. Lotfi Asker Zadeh

Professor, University of California, Barkeley
  Awarded for his construction of the Fuzzy Theory. He took an active role in making the future of information society a more humane civilization through a broad range of applications in he advocated.
Paolo Maria Fasella Prof. Paolo Maria Fasella

Professor, Commission of the European Communities
  Awarded for his expertise in medicine, biology and other neighboring fields of life science. He vigorously engaged in the promotion of joint efforts in advanced technology toward a more harmonious development of human civilization, especially in the realm of science and technology.
Jean Dausset Dr. Jean Dausset

Professor, Collge de France
  Awarded for his discovery of the major histocompatibility that opened a new way for organ transplantation complex. His longstanding educational roles, highlighted by the chair position in the Universal Movement of the Scientific Responsibility (MURS), are also quite substantial.
Jun-ichi Nishizawa Dr. Jun-ichi Nishizawa

Professor, Tohoku University
  Awarded for his achievements in the invention of pin diode and static induction transistor; and for his pioneering efforts in the application of optical communications technology to the society.
Carl E. Sagan Dr. Carl E. Sagan

Professor, Cornell University
  Awarded for his visionary contributions associated with the introduction of a novel perception of human civilization by viewing the earth from a cosmic perspective, featuring the concept of °∆nuclear winter°« in caveat.
Umberto Colombo Dr. Umberto Colombo

° Chairman, The Italian National Commission for Nuclear and Alternative Energy Sources
  Awarded for his vision and policy recommendations in his book co-authored with the Club of Rome, °∆Beyond the Age of Waste,°« with regard to braking wasteful use of food, energy, and natural resources by developing sustainable technologies to secure them.
Ilya Prigogine Dr. Ilya Prigogine

(Professor, Free University of Brussels
  Awarded for his contributions to international fight against environment issues by applying his unique Dissipative Structure Theory primarily constructed in the fields of chemistry and physics.
John F. Coales Prof. John F. Coales

Professor Emeritus,Unversity of Cambridge
  Awarded for his achievements associated with the theorization of automatic control technology and its technological transfer to many of the developing countries. He has also exercised leadership in many international organizations to help merge different spheres of engineering practices and technology fields.
Harold Chestnut Dr. Harold Chestnut

SWIIS Foundation, Inc
  Awarded for his achievements associated with the promotion of humanitarian use of technology as a world leader in systems engineering that encompasses electrical, electronic, instrumentation, and automatic control.
Gunner Hambraeus Dr. Gunnar Hambraeus

Chairman, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
  Awarded for his leadership in the promotion of interactions among engineering societies across continents as the managing director of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.
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