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※Information concerning affiliation/post/profile of the laureate is current at the time he/she received the prize.

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Report No. 71
Open-Type Information Technology (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Toru Nishigaki
Professor, Meiji University

1992 Jan

New Bio Trends

Isao Karube
Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

1991 Sep book

Report No. 69
Wobble, Fractal and Order in the Natural World (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Masuo Suzuki
Professor, University of Tokyo

1991 May

Report No. 68
Scientific and Technological Advance and Economic Growth (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Kei Takeuchi
Professor, University of Tokyo

1991 Mar

Report No. 66
A Viewpoint of Mankind as "A Fragment of the Universe" (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Haruo Saji
Chief Researcher, Matsushita Research and Development KK

1990 Dec

Report No. 65
Solution of Land Use Problems by Price Index Bonds (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Yukio Noguchi
Professor, Hitotsubashi University

1990 Sep

Report No. 64
Hydrogen as Clean Energy (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Hirohisa Uchida
Professor, Tokai University

1990 Jun

Report No. 63
Capital Relocation (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Kazuo Yawata
Assistant Director, International Joint Research Program, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology

1990 Mar

In Search of the ‘Living Engine’ Principle

Hiroshi Shimizu
Professor, The University of Tokyo

1990 Feb book

Report No. 61
Evolution Theory of Organization - Evolution in Companies and Military Forces (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Ikujiro Nonaka
Professor, Hitotsubashi University

1989 Jun

Report No. 60
The Greenhouse Effect on the Global Environment and Measures against It (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Junpei Ando
Professor, Chuo University

1989 Mar

The Beauty of Ancient Picture Scrolls

Mitsukazu Akiyama
Professor, Gakushuin University

1989 Feb book

The Recent Situation in the Middle East

Hisahiko Okazaki
Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

1988 Jun book

Report No. 58
On the Recent Cosmology (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Mutsuo Yanase
Professor, Sophia University

1988 Mar

Report No. 55
The Present and Future of Japan-US Relationship (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Yoshio Okawara
Executive Advisor, KEIDANREN

1987 Mar

Report No. 54
Europe and Japan at the Backstage (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Hironori Terasaki
Stage Director

1987 Jan

Report No. 53
How Can We Interact and Get Along with the Chinese? (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Mineo Nakajima
Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

1986 Aug

The Performance of Madame Butterfly at La Scala

Keita Asari
Director, Shiki Theatre Company

1986 May book

Looking at Japan’s Science & Technology Policy

Yohei Kono
Director-General, Science and Technology Agency

1986 Feb book

Report No. 52
How Deep is the Humanoid like the Machinery? (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Toshiyuki Furukawa
Professor, University of Tokyo

1985 Dec

142 corresponding view 81~100

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