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Prospectus of the HONDA FOUNDATION

Modern society has been achieving great prosperity, thanks to sustained high economic growth that has been made possible through various technological innovations in production, traffic, transportation, telecommunications and other activities. We are experiencing revolutionary changes in our way of life, and in our changing lifestyles we have also expanded our horizons.

This achievement has had negative effects too: environmental destruction, pollution, urban density, food shortages due to the population explosion, the growing consciousness gap between nations, races and religions plus a number of other deep-rooted, complex issues.

Various research and efforts have been made to resolve these problems. Each of them, however, is a kaleidoscopic reflection of different elements of modern civilization, and thus requires a completely new approach in the search for a resolution.

A makeshift resolution serves no purpose. Wisdom and effort must be pooled on an international level, and through an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of modern civilization, the results can be used to promote human welfare and happiness. In this way we must strive to create a higher level of humane society.

In order to provide the opportunity for scholars, researchers and specialists from all walks of life, irrespective of nationality, to meet together and freely discuss the present state and the future of our civilization, the HONDA FOUNDATION sponsors international symposia and colloquia, and offers prizes and awards for the promotion of research, education and other such activities, and also carries on its own studies and research, making use of the achievements of modern civilization, the FOUNDATION was established with such objectives in mind, and by extending its own activities to fulfill the requirements of the modern age, it contributes towards the creation of a truly humane civilization.

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