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※Information concerning affiliation/post/profile of the laureate is current at the time he/she received the prize.

Activities Title/Author Implementation
JP EN Movie

Report No. 5
The Future of Communications Technology (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Reikichi Shirane
President, Telecommunications Science Foundation

1979 Feb

Report No. 4
Japanese as Spoken Language (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Keita Asari
President, Shiki Theatrical Company

1978 Nov

The 3rd DISCOVERIES International Symposium 1978 Paris
"Communication in Human Activity"

Honda Foundation

1978 Nov

The 1st HONDA FOUNDATION Tokyo Symposium 1978
"Communication of Culture and Technology"

Honda Foundation

1978 Oct book

Report No. 3
From Age of Production to Age of Interaction (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Shozaburo Kimura
Professor, University of Tokyo

1978 Jul

Report No. 2
Over the Problems of Communication between Different Cultures (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Shunpei Kumon
Professor, University of Tokyo

1978 Jun

The 2nd DISCOVERIES International Symposium 1977 Rome
"A Combined Oriental/Occidental Approach to the Problems Confronting Planet Earth"

Honda Foundation

1977 Nov

The1st DISCOVERIES International Symposium 1976 Tokyo
"Proceedings of the DISCOVERIES Symposium International 1976"

Honda Foundation

1976 Oct book book

268 corresponding view 261~268

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