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Report No. 105
Research and Development of a Japanese Word Processor and Its Social Consequences

Ken-ichi Mori
Adviser to the Board of Toshiba Tec Corporation

2003 Nov

Report No. 104
Culture of Movement

Shozaburo Kimura
President of Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

2003 Oct

The National Language Helps the Nation

Masahiko Fujiwara
Professor, Ochanomizu University

2003 Oct book

Honda Foundation The 25th Anniversary

Honda Foundation

2003 Mar book book

Report No. 103
An Architect View on the Presence of Japanese Culture

Kiyonori Kikutake
President, Kikutake Architects K.K.
Architect, H.F.A.I.A., Ph.D

2003 Feb

Report No. 102
The Catalytic Control of Motor Vehicle Emissions

Barry John Cooper
Vice-President of Johnson Matthey Inc. Catalytic Systems Division

2002 Nov

China-Japan-Korea International Symposium Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Honda Foundation in Tokyo
"Regional Cooperation in East Asia to Build Symbiotic,Collaborative Relationship Toward Co-Existence and Co-Century"

Honda Foundation

2002 Oct

The Latest five frontiers which Japan challenges

Yoshio Tsukio
Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Post and Telecommunications

2002 Jun book

Report No. 101
Unreal image and real image of P.R.China in 21st century

Mineo Nakajima
Secretary-General International Secretariat,University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific

2002 Mar

Report No. 100
Achieving Harmony Between Chemical Use and Environmental Stewardship

Donald Mackay Professor,Trent University

2001 Nov

Report No. 99
Honda humanoid robot "ASIMO" (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Toru Takenaka
Chief Engineer Research Lab.5,Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.Wako Research Center

2001 Sep

Report No. 98
Biotechnological Study of Marine Life in Mariana Trench(translation of title not reviewed by author)

Koki Horikoshi
Professor Emeritus,Tokyo Institute of Technology

2001 Mar

Report No. 96
Creating New Material and New Source of Light

Shuji Nakamura
Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

2001 Feb

Report No. 97
Epoch-Making Computers (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Ken Sakamura
Professor, University of Tokyo

2000 Dec

Japan-Korea Leaders Forum
"Towards Partnership for Peace and Prosperity in the Era of Globalization"

Honda Foundation

2000 Oct

Report No. 95
Will Mankind Extinct Within 80 years? (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Jun-ichi Nishizawa
President, Iwate Prefectural University

2000 May

Report No. 94
Multidisciplinary Synthesis of Knowledge for applications in sustainable development

Aleksandra Kornhauser
Professor, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

2000 Feb

What Exactly is A Spiritually Affluent Society?

Eiko Oya Journalist
President, Nihon Information Systems Co., Ltd.

2000 Feb book

Report No. 90
Perfection and Imperfection in Nature and Industry

Hubert Curien
Professor, University of Pierre et Marie Curie

1999 Feb

Report No. 93
We Can Live for 120 Years (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Isao Karube
Professor, University of Tokyo

1999 Sep

268 corresponding view 121~140

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