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Award Ceremony Highlights

* Information concerning affiliation/post/profile of the laureate and guests is current at the time he/she received the prize.

Award Ceremony Highlights: Honda Prize 2008

November 17, 2008, Imperial Hotel Tokyo

The ceremony was held on Monday, November 17, at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo, with 240 participants and guests from the German Embassy, policy makers, scholars, researchers and media people.
This year’s laureates are Dr. Maximilian Haider, Dr. Harald Rose, and Dr. Knut Urban. This German team is recognized for its success in the world-first aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy for high-resolution visualization of atomic structures.

(from right to left)
Dr. & Mrs. Urban,
Dr. & Mrs. Haider and Dr. & Mrs. Rose

Movie of The Laureate

Dr. Maximilian Haider’s Commemorative Lecture:

“With Aberration Correction to a New Dimension in Electron Microscopy”

Dr. Maximilian Haider

To see the atoms is an old dream in science. To be able to derive properties and functions directly from an observation of the basic building blocks of matter appeared. Is there no way to make the electron microscope to increase its resolution? Today we know the answer: It is based on aberration-corrected electron optics.

Commemorative lecture PDF

Congratulatory Addresses by Guests of Honor

His Excellency Mr. Hans-Joachim Daerr 
Ambassador of Germany to Japan

For a long time it seemed impossible to apply his theory to the construction of an aberration-corrected electron microscope. Nevertheless the laureates believed in its feasibility. Their commitment and perseverance were rewarded when in 1995 they finally succeeded in creating the first atomic electron microscope.
Dr. Kunio Takayanagi 
President, Japanese Society of Microscopy

The electron microscope was revitalized for another 100 years by the epochal implementation of aberration correction technology. Incorporated into commercially available microscope products, their device is widely used for advanced research to create, new semiconductor materials, industrial metals and bio-composites. I applaud their work as the establishment of a key technology in modern applied science.

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