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International Symposia Highlights

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Workshop 2012 in Yangon

"Social Innovation in Asia"

Honda Foundation and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) jointly organized an international symposium entitled "Innovation by Industrial-Academic Collaboration" in Jakarta, on June 12, 2012. Beginning by keynote speeches, we had a panel discussion regarding "Innovation Systems and Policies." In the afternoon sessions, representatives from both countries gave presentations on the theme of "Renewable Energies" and "Public Transportation Systems." The venue was filled with attendance of about 200 people from business and industry, politics, and academics including Dr.-Ing Fauzi Bowo, Governor of the City of Jakarta. The symposium was closed with expectations that today's sharing knowledge and opinions would contribute to further development of Indonesia.
Opening Remarks

Mr. Myint Wai, President of MAJA, expressed his gratitude to the delegation from Honda Foundation and expectations of vigorous discussion at the workshop.
"Japan's Scitech Diplomacy"

Dr. Taizo Yakushiji, Research Counselor and a board member, Institute for International Policy Studies, proposed constructive reciprocal relations between Japan and developing countries in which developing countries solve their problems by applying technologies learned from Japan to suit their society then, in turn, Japan learns its deliverable from them. He stressed that Myanmar's own innovation will be achieved not only by imitation but also by application of technologies to suit own condition in Myanmar.
"University Globalization and Women Resource Empowerment in Japan and Asia"

Dr. Kazuko Matsumoto, Head of Research Division, NanoCarbon Research Institute, Ltd., explained history of Japanese higher education for women through pre and post World War Ⅱ. She also pointed out that current universities in Japan take role of globalization and women resource empowerment as demanded by the structural change of society and industry. Towards future Asian women resources empowerment, she emphasized the importance of opportunity of higher education and global education network for all women and female leaders

Question-and-answer session

Attendance of the workshop

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