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June 01 2018

Honda Foundation Report No. 171 has been uploaded.
"From Genome Sequencing to Genome Editing; Is Genome Science Opening up the Future of Mankind?"
Dr. Yoshiyuki Sakaki, Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo

January 30 2018

Honda Foundation Report No. 169 has been uploaded.
"Today's AI study and Social Design"
Mr. Hideyuki Nakashima
Professor, Chair for Frontier AI Education, The University of Tokyo

May 16 2018

Honda Y-E-S Forum 2018 outline has been uploaded.

March 30 2018

Honda Foundation Report No. 170 has been uploaded.
The 38th Honda Prize Commemorative Lecture
Research & Development on Silicon Caride (SiC) and its Practical Applications
Dr. Hiroyuki Matsunami

March 27 2018

Honda Foundation Colloquium No. 145 has been held.
"Expectations for Science and Technology that support the Sustainable Development"
Dr. Taikan Oki, Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

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