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Honda Prize Laureates

* Information concerning affiliation/post/profile of the laureate is current at the time he/she received the prize.

Dr. Masato Sagawa

August 3, 1943, Tokushima, Japan

Education and Qualifications
1966:B. A., Department of Electrical Engineering, Kobe University
1968:M. A., Department of Electrical Engineering, Kobe University
1972:Dr. Eng., Metallurgical Materials Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University

Scientific Positions
1972-1982:Fujitsu Ltd.
1982-1988:Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. (now Proterial, Ltd.)
1988-2012:Established Intermetallics Co., Ltd., Appointed as Representative Director
2013-present:Established NDFEB Corporation, Appointed as Representative Director
2016-present:Adviser, Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
2017-2019:Adviser, Nippon Densan Co., Ltd. (now NIDEC Corporation)
2017-2019:Specially Appointed Professor, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University
2019-present:Distinguished Invited University Professor, Tohoku University
2019-present:Guest Professor at the China Iron and Steel Research Institute
2019-present:Guest Professor, Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, China
2022-present:Senior Fellow, Research Promotion Organization for Carbon Neutrality, Meijo University

1984:Osaka Science Prize
1985:Minister of Science and Technology Agency Award
1986:International Prize for New Materials, American Physical Society
(now James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials)
1988:The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Meritorious Award
1990:Asahi Prize
1991:Japan Magnetics Society Award
1993:Okochi Memorial Prize
1998:Acta Metallurgica J. Hollomon Award
2003:Honda-Kinen Prize
2006:Kato-Kinen Prize
2012:Japan Prize
2016:Special Award, Nagamori Award
2018:NIMS Award 2018
2020:The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Gold Medal Award
2022:Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering
2022:IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies

- “Permanent Magnets: Materials Science and Applications”, Masato Sagawa, Masaaki Hamano, Makoto
Hirabayashi, AGNE Gijutsu Center Inc., ISBN 978-4-901496-38-4 (2007)
- “All About Neodymium Magnets: Protecting the Earth with Rare Earths”, Masato Sagawa, AGNE
Gijutsu Center Inc.,
ISBN 978-4-901496-58-2 (2011)
- “The Work Style of the Strongest Engineer”, Shuji Nakamura, Masato Sagawa, Jitsumukyoiku-Shuppan
Co., Ltd.
ISBN 978-4-788911-95-6 (2016)

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