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※Information concerning affiliation/post/profile of the laureate is current at the time he/she received the prize.

Activities Title/Author Implementation
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International Symposium on Ecotechnology 2019 in Phnom Penh
"Conversion to Achieve an Eco-society through Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration toward Sustainability & Quality of Life"

Honda Foundation

2019 Dec movie

International Symposium 2018 in Astana
"Innovative Technologies towards a Sustainable Society"

Honda Foundation

2018 May

International Symposium 2016 in Tashkent
"Innovation for Sustainability -Harmonizing Science, Technology and Economic Development with Human and Natural Environment"

Honda Foundation

2016 May

International Symposium 2014 in Riyadh
"Partnership for Innovation—The Experience of Saudi Arabia and Japan"

Honda Foundation

2014 Dec

35th Honda Prize Commemorative Symposium
“Creating a Truly Humane Civilization”

Honda Foundation

2014 Nov

HONDA-MAJA Workshop 2012 in Yangon "Social Innovation in Asia"

Honda Foundation

2012 Jun

HONDA-KADIN International Symposium 2012 in Jakarta“Innovation by Industrial-Academic Collaboration”

Honda Foundation

2012 Jun

Honda-NSTDA International Symposium 2008 Bangkok
"Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia"

Honda Foundation

2008 Mar

CII-Honda International Symposium 2007 New Delhi
"Linking Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship"

Honda Foundation

2007 Feb

Eco-Technology Workshop, 2005,Ho chi minh City
"Linking Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Developing Countries(Hnoi/Ho Chi Minh City)"

Honda Foundation

2005 Nov

The Honda Foundation International Symposium 2005 Hanoi
"Linking Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Developing Countries(Hanoi)"

Honda Foundation

2005 Feb

China-Japan-Korea International Symposium Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Honda Foundation in Tokyo
"Regional Cooperation in East Asia to Build Symbiotic,Collaborative Relationship Toward Co-Existence and Co-Century"

Honda Foundation

2002 Oct

Japan-Korea Leaders Forum
"Towards Partnership for Peace and Prosperity in the Era of Globalization"

Honda Foundation

2000 Oct

Beijing University International Symposium
"Modernization of China in View of the Approaching 21st Century-its Tasks and Prospect"

Honda Foundation

1998 Oct

Seminar on Economic and Social Prospects for Central European Countries
"Economic and Social Prospects for the CEFTA Countries in the Nineties and Beyond: Opportunities for Cooperation with Japan and Austria"

Honda Foundation

1996 Jun

Eco-Technology Symposium Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Honda Prize
"Paradigm Shift in the 21st Century"

Honda Foundation

1994 Nov

Symposium on the Future of the Global Environment
"The Role of Canadian and Japanese Science and Technology"

Honda Foundation

1993 Oct

The 11th DISCOVERIES International Symposium 1993 Toronto
"The Determinants of HealthーProsperity, Health and Well-being"

Honda Foundation

1993 Oct

Bilateral Symposium in Taiwan
"The Development and Science & Technology in Asia and Pacific Area Towards the Next Century"

Honda Foundation

1992 Sep

The 10th DISCOVERIES International Symposium 1991 Bonn
"Basic Life Sciences and Human Society"

Honda Foundation

1991 Jun

41 corresponding view 1~20

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