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About International Symposia

Our origin

Since the Foundation was established, it has continued to provide a place for an international society of experts from various fields to gather and candidly discuss beyond the capacities of their relevant expertise in order to define the issues the modern society was facing, and to discover methodologies (ecotechnology) for resolving those issues. Providing these venues for exchange to realize the Foundation's philosophy of "bringing dreams and happiness to people through science and technology" is one of its primary activities. The Foundation continuously strives to develop discussions on leading topics of the times that may yield great results.

The DISCOVERIES international symposia, which provided the impetus to establish the Foundation, were held 11 times (1976 to 1993) as a forum for scientific and technological exchange, and they met with an overwhelming response. Some of the themes that featured in past symposia were: "A Combined Oriental/Occidental Approach to the Problems Confronting Planet Earth" (1977), "The Use of Resources and Technology in the Interests of Mankind" (1984), and "Complexities of the Human Environment" (1987), shedding light on topics relevant to the issues of the past twenty years of the postmodern era and opening the way for discussion.

Soichiro Honda always attended these events, where he would sit in the front row to pay close attention to the discussion, and later interact with the participants. The Foundation continues to uphold this spirit and places the utmost importance on creating an environment where ideas can be candidly and frankly exchanged at all its events.

History of the International Symposium

  Discoveries International Symposia Seminar Forum Workshop
1976 Tokyo        
1977 Rome        
1978 Paris Tokyo      
1979 Stockholm        
1980   Tokyo      
1982 Columbus        
1983 London Kuala Lumpur AGNELLI FOUNDATION Torino    
1984 Melbourne   AGNELLI FOUNDATION Tokyo    
1985 Brussels   AGNELLI FOUNDATION Torino    
1986     AGNELLI FOUNDATION Tokyo    
1987 Wien   Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering Tokyo    
1988     AGNELLI FOUNDATION Torino    
1989   Science and Technology Symposium      
1991 Bonn        
1992   Taiwan      
1993 Toronto Ottawa      
1994   Eco Technology Tokyo      
1996     Wien    
1998   Beijing      
2000       Japan-Korea Seoul  
2002   China-Japan-Korea Tokyo      
2005   Hanoi     Ho Chi Minh City
2007   New Delhi      
2008   Thailand      
2012   Jakarta     Yangon
2014   Riyadh      
2016   Tashkent      
2018   Astana      
2019   Phnom Penh      

International Symposia & Seminars


Heritage in Episodes

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