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The Honda Y-E-S Forum, held for the first time this year, had been organized to provide a place for discussion among the Y-E-S Awardees and the young scientists and engineers of Asia, including Japan, to raise consciousness of issues in the region and the role that science and technology should fulfill in resolving them. The Forum hopes to contribute to the development of human resources in science and technology field, and the growth of human networks in the area through cooperation between countries involved in the program. It also aims to create opportunities for young people to learn about cutting-edge theories in science and technology and experience them in practice, providing a venue for the growth of our young scientists of the future.

outline of the Honda Y-E-S Forum

The Honda Y-E-S Forum has been organized as an extension of the award program to promote friendly exchanges among the Y-E-S Awardees and Japanese university students, interaction with academic experts and researchers in Japan, feedback to countries covered by the Y-E-S Award program and ultimately to contribute to the development of young scientists and engineers in Asian countries who are expected to lead the science and technology fields in the future.
The Honda Y-E-S awardees gave presentations on their own environmental issues and Japan's top researchers gave the keynote speeches. On the latter half of the Forum,the panel discussion was held between the Honda Y-E-S awardees and keynote speakers, including the audience. A research poster contest is also held at the same time on the Forum theme.

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