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September 20 2019

Decision of Honda Prize 2019 Laureate
Dr. Geoffrey E. Hinton, Professor Emeritus, the University of Toronto and Chief Scientific Adviser, Vector Institute, has been selected to receive the Honda Prize 2019.

September 17 2019

Honda Foundation Colloquium No. 150 has been held.
"CASE and MaaS Change the Future of the Automotive Industry"
Dr. Yoshiaki Nakamura, Professor, School of Economics, Senshu University

August 07 2019

Honda Foundation Report No. 176 has been uploaded.
"The Sun and Life on Planets"
Dr. Saku , Director General, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, National Institutes of Natural Sciences

July 26 2019

"The Honda Foundation Annual Activity Report 2018-19" has been published.
We have compiled this annual report for your review of our 2018-19 activities in more details. Please have a read through it and let us know whatever you think we can do to make things better.

June 05 2019

Honda Foundation Colloquium No. 149 has been held.
"Breakthroughs in Long-term Unsolved Problems in Science Using Ideas Based on the Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry"
Dr. Hiroshi Ohrui, Professor, Yokohama University of Pharmacy

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