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March 07 2023

The 15th Award Ceremony for Honda Y-E-S Award in Cambodia took place in Phnom Penh on March 7, 2023

February 16 2023

The Ninth Award Ceremony for Honda Y-E-S Award in Myanmar took place in Yangon on February 16, 2023

February 15 2023

The Fifteenth Award Ceremony for Honda Y-E-S Award in Laos took place in Vientiane on February 15, 2023

December 23 2022

*The following exhibition has ended by popular demand. Thank you very much for your visit. The Honda Foundation will celebrate the 45th anniversary on December 27, 2022. We will be exhibiting panels of memories of the foundation's history and artwork in the 2nd floor lobby of the Honda Yaesu Building, where the foundation is located. Date: December 23 (Fri.), 26 (Mon.), 27 (Tue.), 11 AM to 18 PM. *The museum is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Contents of the exhibit: ・Introduction of the Foundation's history ・Photographs and documents from the early days of the Honda Foundation ・One experimental artwork

December 22 2022

The international general science journal Nature (December 22, 2022 issue) has published an article ad, "Possibilities open up in time," introducing this year's Honda Prize laureate, Dr. Hidetoshi Katori, and his research achievements in optical lattice clocks. Click here to see the article.

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