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January 22, 2020 The 151st "The Humanities and the Sciences—The Problem of "Two Cultures" from a 21st Century Perspective"


September 17, 2019 The 150th "CASE and MaaS Change the Future of the Automotive Industry"
June 05, 2019 The 149th "Breakthroughs in Long-term Unsolved Problems in Science Using Ideas Based on the Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry"
March 12, 2019 The 148th "The Sun and Life on Planets"
January 28, 2019 The 147th "Redesigning Community for Aged Society"


September 19, 2018 The 146th "Whole-Body Clearing and Beyond"
March 27, 2018 The 145th "Expectations for Science and Technology that Support the Sustainable Development"


December 22, 2017 The 144th "From Genome Sequencing to Genome Editing; Is Genome Science Opening up the Future of Mankind?"
September 19, 2017 The 143rd "The Current State of AI Research and Social Design"
June 19, 2017 The 142nd "Development and Certification of the HondaJet"
March 02, 2017 The 141st "A Heretic, Once Recognized, Becomes an Innovator —From Basic Research to Innovation: Creating a Bio-Venture That is the First of its Kind in Japan"


December 06, 2016 The 140th "Global Research Reveals a Healthy Diet for a Longer Healthy Life Expectancy"
September 23, 2016 The 139th "Creating Innovation through Industry-Academia Cooperation"
June 30, 2016 The 138th "I’ve decided to save the Earth with Euglena"
March 10, 2016 The 137th "Innovation: How to Revitalize Innovation in Japan"


December 07, 2015 The 136th "Cellulose Nanofiber: Both Resources and Knowledge Found in Japan"
September 10, 2015 The 135th "Getting to know the Middle East, Arabs and the world of Islam: Greater understanding of the Arab world"
June 29, 2015 The 134th "Innovation in Lifestyle Reform"
March 20, 2015 The 133rd "UT-Heart, the Multiscale Multi-physics Heart Simulator"


December 02, 2014 The 132nd "Learning in Innovative Manufacturing from Sake and Soba—Japan's Resurge as a Leader of Technology"
August 26, 2014 The 131st "The Growth Potential of the Japanese Economy: The Potential and Issues Surrounding Abenomics"
June 30, 2014 The 130th "Understanding the Earth's Violent Behavior - A new approach to taking action on earthquake predictions"
March 04, 2014 The 129th "Royal Blue Tea, Tea of Self-continual Production for Innovating Japanese 'Omotenashi': Market Development by New Tea Culture"


December 18, 2013 The 128th "Application of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine and Drug Discovery" ─Global Status and Technology Development for Practical Application"
August 29, 2013 The 127th "Wrinkles and Seeds of the Universe"
June 14, 2013 The 126th "Fusion Energy" —Progress in the Development of Our Future Energy Source by International Collaborations
March 13, 2013 The 125th "Nanophotonics" ─The Way to See Nano with Light


December 03, 2012 The 124th "Environmental Policy and Sustainable Management" ─Creating Future Technology by Ecodesign
October 01, 2012 The 123rd "Nature Utilizes Fluctuation and Yet Avoids Wasteful Entropy"
July 23, 2012 The 122nd "Innovative Materials Science for Sustainable Society"
March 30, 2012 The 121st "What Pioneering Crossborder Collaboration Brought to Us"─The Discovery of Avermectin / Ivermectin and Its Subsequent Development


December 13, 2011 The 120th "Science and the Way of Living"─Encouragement of Open Systems Science
September 12, 2011 The 119th "Japan's Scitech Diplomacy"
July 05, 2011 The 118th "Great East Japan Earthquake"─Building New Technology Paradigm in Memory of Loved Ones
March 28, 2011 The 117th "Future Direction of Japan's Science and Technology" ─Policy as Outlined in the Fourth Basic Plan
January 25, 2011 The 116th "History of Earth and Human Civilization"

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