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Dr. Ken-ichi Mori succeeded in developing the first Japanese word processor. This technology not only became the prototype of later Japanese word processors, but also produced decisive impacts as an environment for the use of the Japanese language in the IT revolution. This success in the development of the Japanese word processor was a distant event related with the direct motive for developing the method of processing by computer of not only the Chinese language and other languages of the cultural sphere based on the Chinese characters but also characters other than alphabet. This technology was applied to many languages of the Asian countries and thus became the model of the development of word processing systems of their countries. We evaluate highly his such activities and achievements in that they contribute largely to the diffusion of the "eco-technology" concept that Honda Foundation has been consistently advocating since its establishment and we present him hereby the HONDA PRIZE.
CURRICURUM VITAE Of Prof. Dr. Ken-ichi Mori

Born in Tokyo, Japan
Graduated from the Department of Applied Physics, the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo.
Joined Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.(present Toshiba Corporation) and worked for the Research & Development Center.
Went into research to enter kanji using Kana-Kanji conversion in 1971 and served as the chief for the group who developed a Japanese word processor for the first time in Japan.
Group Executive, Information Equipment & Automation Systems Group
Vice President and Group Executive & Information Equipment Group
Vice President and Group Executive, Video & Electronics Media Group and Storage Media Business Group
Senior Vice President
Executive Vice President, TEC Corporation(present Toshiba TEC Corporation)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Adviser to the Bord

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