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Honda Y-E-S Award in Cambodia
Partnership with Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC)

* Information concerning affiliation/profile of the awardee is current at the time he/she received the award.

Y-E-S Award Plus Recipient

Host institution/organization in Japan:
Prof. Okamura Toshiyuki
Course of Regional Development Studies,
Graduate School of Global and Regional Studies
Toyo University
June 2021 - 1year

It is my second time visiting Japan; however, this time I will be spending around 1 year and a half living in this country, which regards as my second home and school. Of course, talking about socialization and living standards are completely different from where I originally come from. I found myself is funny that before moving to Japan, I really enjoy the Japanese food; any types of Japanese cuisines were my favorite back then. The thing changes when I came in Japan. The quality and aesthetic of food is somehow better compared to some (Japanese) restaurants in my motherland, especially the freshness of Sushi. I start missing my local food regardless. Still, I am astonished by the way Japanese restaurant provide the services. Besides, transportation catch my attention. Beyond the expectation, travel in Japan becomes convenient and comfortable. Travel through train and bus service can provide the time doing other things without concerning of risk and accident. I enjoy reading some books during the train is operating, along with disturbances-free, which gives a sense of pleasant. Frankly speaking, socializing with Japanese is barely possible due to privacy concern. This causes loneliness if we don’t know anyone from our country, but they are very helpful if we need some helps. To me, one thing can stop my loneliness is claw machine. This entertaining game will give us the lovely prize, within the great process of obtaining the prizes. Plus, we can also enjoy other playing, particularly seeing their expressions of getting prizes is worth waiting. I addition to that, we can also enjoy the public parks, which are massive as well as beautiful, to get relaxed from study or work. The parks can be found everywhere even nearby our residential area. On the other hands, I think living in Japan can experience how living goes with four different seasons. Autumn is my favorite season, followed by winter. Walking is major mean of travel in Japan. The simple reason I like these two seasons is that it feels comfortable when walking rather than walking under rain and hot weather despite of the good walking path. Not only good for walking, but we can enjoy the scenery of brownie tree leave which brings the new decorations to the city. When the snow is coming, the city changes into the icy town. We will witness the eye-opening experience of skiing in some prefectures such as Hokkaido or Niigata. On the other hand, when it comes to education, I think professors try their best to help the foreign students in terms of study and doing research even though we have the language barrier and culture difference. Additionally, school facilities also provide the ease of study and increase the motivation of learning. Frankly speaking, Living here gets outside of the comfort zone but in turn provide great life lesson.


Honda Y-E-S Program


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