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Honda Y-E-S Award in India
Partnership with Honda Cars India Ltd.

* Information concerning affiliation/profile of the awardee is current at the time he/she received the award.

Y-E-S Award Plus Recipient

Mruganka Kashyap
Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Host institution/organization in Japan:
Nagoya University
Radio Astronomy and Theoretical Astrophysics Laboratory
Graduate School of Science
May-July 2013

Japan and its people.

The most astounding fact was the sublime amalgamation of tradition and modernity in the Japanese society. Despite the technological advancement, they are fiercely protective of their culture and traditions. I was impressed by their hospitality and the attitude of ‘helping and serving with a smile.’ I was quite stunned to observe the lush green cover enveloping the cities which is quite distinct from present day big metropolitan cities around the world which lack green covers. The roads and houses were spotlessly clean, the people very friendly and pollution was minimal. Most, importantly, people preferred to use public transports like subway and city buses more often.
I became a connoisseur of Japanese food over my stay in Japan. I developed a taste for Japanese curry rice, especially the ones prepared by Coco Ichiban. It is one of the things I miss the most about Japan. Besides, I indulged myself quite a bit in the regional delicacies like Donburi, Okinomayaki, Tofu Dengaku from Inuyama etc.
The internship under YES Plus granted me a unique opportunity to visit a number of places in Japan. Being a globetrotter myself, it was a dream come true. I visited historical places in Kyoto and Nara like the Shimogamo Shrine and the Horyuji Temple. Besides, basking in the rich cultural heritage of Japan; I also had quite a lot of fun in Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios in Osaka. Aside from that I was quite fond of the Nagoya Port Aquarium that housed myriad species of aquatic flora and fauna.
I was honored to work under Prof. Yasuo Fukui, which gave me a glimpse into the Japanese work culture. I was able to gain a lot of insight into radio astronomy which would be definitely helpful in my future career. I thoroughly enjoyed my work and made a lot of friends in my lab. I am also grateful to Motoki-san and HOF for making my stay in Japan a memorable one.
I would definitely hope to return to Japan in the future again.


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