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Honda Y-E-S Award in Vietnam
Partnership with The National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies (NISTPASS) and Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd.

* Information concerning affiliation/profile of the awardee is current at the time he/she received the award.

Y-E-S Award Plus Recipient

Vu Truong Minh
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Environmental Science and Technology

Host institution/organization in Japan:
Water and Environmental Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering
Nagasaki University
September-November 2016

When I was a little boy, I heard many great stories about the Japanese people and culture that how they overcame difficulties and constructed Japan to become one of the wealthiest country in the world. I really admired them, and desired to visit Japan one day in the future. Thanks to Honda Foundation with Honda Y-E-S Award Plus for providing me with a great opportunity of internship in Japan, I know my dream comes true. I gained many great and rewarding experiences here, which helped me widen my horizon and improve my social skills significantly.
The research environment here, which is dynamic and professional taught me a lot. I had a chance to gain access to modern and convenient facilities such as systems of research laboratories, and valuable and updated materials in order to carry out my study. Japanese people are workaholic, patient and responsible in work as well as friendly and hospitable in daily life. They always helped me how to keep my mind open, earnest and energetic during work. Furthermore, I had many lab-mates coming from other countries, which makes a multicultural environment in my lab. I really learnt a lot from them.

The beauty of Japan with many historical and attractive places is unforgettable to me. It is the first time I have seen colorful leaf trees such as yellow and red leaf trees during my stay in Japan. They really fascinated me. In addition, through my visit to the Atomic Bombing Museum in Nagasaki, the more I understood about the terrible damage of atomic bombs and nuclear weapons, and how many injuries Japanese people suffered in the past, the more I admire for the way they stood up and rebuilt their country. These experiences assist me in being more aware of my responsibility for making my country better.
All the best wishes for you, Japan, and see you again.


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