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Honda Prize Laureates

* Information concerning affiliation/post/profile of the laureate is current at the time he/she received the prize.

Alim Louis Benabid, MD, PhD

May 2, 1942, Grenoble, France (French citizenship)

Education and Training
Medical Degrees (University of Grenoble)
1970:MD Thesis
1972:Staff Neurosurgeon
1978:Professor, Experimental Medicine
1984:Professor, Biophysics
1989-2007:Head of Neurosurgery

Scientific Degrees (University of Grenoble)
1973:Masters of Science
1978:Thesis (PhD) Physics

Military Service: Lyon (CRSSA Research Center of the Military Health Services) Oct 1967-Apr 1969

Member of Scientific Societies
1977:European Society for Stereotaxy and Functional Neurosurgery
1980:American Society for Neurosciences
1981:European Society for Neurosciences
1998:Society for Movement Disorders
1999:American Association of Neurological Surgeons
2000:Congress of Neurological Surgeons (USA)

Scientific Responsibilities
1978-2007:Director of LMCEC (Laboratoire de Médecine et Chirurgie Expérimentales et Comparées) and then Laboratoire de Neurobiophysique
1984-1990:Director of IRMBM (Institut de Résonance Magnétique Biologique et Médicale) 
1988-2007:Director of Research Unit INSERM 318 (Neurobiologie Préclinique)
1995-1997:Director of Center for Gene Therapy “Brain Tumors”
2007-:Director of the Clinatec Institute Project at CEA Grenoble
2008-2021:Chairman of the Board, Clinatec, Biomedical Research Center Edmond, Safra,CEA,Grenoble

Medical Responsibilities
1989-2004:Head of Neurosurgery Department -Coordinator of the Epilepsy and Movement Disorders Center “Claudio Munari”, Niguarda ca Grande Hospital, Milano, Italy

Administrative Responsibilities
Scientific Council of:
1976-1986:Medical School Grenoble
1976-1986:University of Grenoble

Administrative Council of:
1989-1993:INSERM (appointed by the Ministry)
2006-2012:Science Advisory Committee of ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) Special Advisor
2007-:Scientific Advisor of the Director of Research and Technology at CEA
2016-:Scientific Advisory Board of the WYSS Foundation, Geneva

Prizes and Honors
1971:Prix Beytout
1972:Prix de Thèse de l'Université de Grenoble
1993:Prix Electricité-Santé de l'EDF
1994:Prix du Club de la Presse de l'Isère
1996:Prix Médecine et Biologie du Comité du Rayonnement Français
1997:Grand Prix de la Recherche Biomédicale PCL de l'Académie des Sciences
1999:Prix de l'œuvre Scientifique (Fondation Nationale pour la Promotion de la Santé,
    et le Développement de la Recherche, Algérie)
    Prix Jean Valade. Fondation de France
2000:Prix Klaus Joachim Zülch. Gertrud Reemtsma Foundation (Cologne)
    Scientific Award 2000. International Neurobionics Foundation (Hannover)
    Cotzias Award, Spanish Society of Neurology, Barcelona
2002:Sherrington Medal of the Royal Society of Medecine , London
    Prix Recherche et Santé de l’ Institut des Sciences et de la Santé
    Prix Betty and David Koetser Foundation (Zurich)
    Prix Dingebauer of the German Society of Neurology (Manheim)
2005:Spiegel and Wycis Medal of the WFSSN, Roma
2006:Prix Matmut de l'Innovation médicale et de la Fondation de l'avenir
2007:James Parkinson Award, Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, New York,
    Victor Horsley Medal, London, UK
2008:Movement Disorders Award of the American Academy of Neurology
    First International Highest Recognition Award of the Secretary of Health and Human Services,
    Prix d’Honneur de l’INSERM
    Victoires de la Médecine, Association of University Hospitals for the last 50 Years
2009:IPSEN Prize, IPSEN Foundation
2012:Légion d’Honneur (Officer)
2013:Pritzker Prize, Michael J Fox Foundation
    Jay van Andel Prize, Jay van Andel Foundation
2014:Lasker Prize
    Breakthrough Prize for Life Sciences
    Lifetime Achievement Prize
2015:Giant in Neuromodulation Award
2016:European Inventor Award Research
    Ambroise Paré Medal (French Academy of Surgery)
    Vilhelm Magnus Medal, Norwegian Neurosurgical Society
2021:2021 International Brain Stimulation Award
    Jean Talairach Award, SSFN

Honoris Causa Doctorates
2005:Doctor Honoris Causa University of Galway, Ireland
2006:Doctor Honoris Causa University of London, Ontario
2008:Doctor Honoris Causa McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
2012:Doctor Honoris Causa Porto University, Porto, Portugal
2018:Doctor Honoris Causa KUL, Leuwen, Belgique
    Doctor Honoris Causa Chan Tun University, Taipei, Taiwan

Medals and Academies
1997:Chevalier des Palmes Académiques
1999:Member (corresponding) of Academy of Medicine
2002:Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur
    Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium
    Member of the Academy of Sciences, Institut de France
2012:Officier de l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur
2016:Officier des Palmes Académiques
2021:Commandeur des Palmes Académiques

Honorary Membership of Scientific Societies:
1998:Belgian Society of Neurology
2007:Spanish Society of Neurosurgery
    Japanese Society of Neurosurgery
    Italian League against Epilepsy
2008:Movement Disorders Society
2012:German Clinical Neurophysiology Society
2016:Brazilian Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery Society
2017:Spanish Society of Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery

Published Articles From Web of Science
January 2021: h-index 96/95
Results found Sum of the Times Cited 42272 Citing Articles 1357 

Published Articles From Google Scholar
May 2021: h-index 107
Results found 336 articles Sum of the Times Cited 50842 Citing Articles

Benabid AL, Pollak P, Louveau A, Henry S, de Rougemont J: Combined (thalamotomy and stimulation) stereotactic surgery of the VIM thalamic nucleus for bilateral Parkinson disease. Appl Neurophysiol,1987, 50:344-346.
Krack P, Pollak P, Limousin P, Benazzouz A, Benabid AL. Stimulation of subthalamic nucleusalleviatestremor in Parkinson's disease. Lancet. 1997 Dec 6;350(9092):1675.
Krack P, Limousin P, Benabid AL, Pollak P. Chronic stimulation of subthalamic nucleus improves levodopa- induced dyskinesias in Parkinson's disease. Lancet. 1997 Dec 6;350(9092):1676.
Limousin P, Krack P, Pollak P, Benazzouz A, Ardouin C, Hoffmann D, Benabid AL: Electrical stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in advanced Parkinson's disease. N Engl J Med. 1998 Oct 15;339(16):1105-1111.

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