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Honda Y-E-S Award in Laos
Partnership with Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute (LJI)


As one of the least developed countries in the ASEAN region, Laos was expected to undergo dramatic growth in the future. Institutions of higher education were still in the course of growth, and training for future leaders, especially in the area of science and technology, was needed urgently in these countries. Human exchange and trade with Japan couldn't be regarded as adequate, and expectations for expansion in these areas were high. The program for Laos started in 2008.

Program Outline

Stage One: Y-E-S Award

We award two best undergraduate students selected from the affiliated universities and colleges in Laos with a prize grant worth US$3,000.

Stage Two: Y-E-S Award Plus

All Y-E-S Award awardees become eligible for the Y-E-S Award Plus, a non-restricted scholarship fund if, within four years after they received the Y-E-S Award, they are admitted to either of the following:

【1】A master’s or doctoral course at a Japanese graduate school under the auspices (sponsorship) of the Japanese government. These students will receive US$10,000 as the Y-E-S Award Plus.

【2】Internship program offered by a Japanese university, research institute, or company—a program between over ten weeks. These students will receive US$7,000 as the Y-E-S Award Plus.

Additionally, if they come to Japan again after the internship for a master's or doctoral course, they will receive a preparation fee $3,000 as the Y-E-S Award Plus Expansion.

National University of Laos, Faculty of Engineering National University of Laos, Faculty of Natural Sciences(from 2018) National University of Laos, Faculty of Water Resources(from 2018)

Honda Y-E-S Program


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