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Report No. 128
Superconductivity makes dream come true

Koichi Kitazawa
President of Japan Science and Technology Agency

2009 May

Report No. 127
Scenarios toward Low-Carbon Society
: A Roadmap to 70% Reduction of CO2 Emission

Shuzo Nishioka
Special Visiting Researcher of National Institute for Environmental Studies

2009 Jan

Report No. 126
The Advent of Magnesium Energy Society

Takashi Yabe
Professor, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering and Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

2008 Nov

Report No. 125
Restoration of Green Environment in Japan
: What We Can Do

Akira Miyawaki
Professor Emeritus of Yokohama National University, Director of IGES-Japanese Center for International Studies in Ecology

2008 Sep

Current Situation and Issues of Innovation in Japan

Kiyoshi Kurokawa
Science Advisor to the Cabinet

2008 Jun book

Report No. 124
Confidence in India?

Masanori Kondo
Senior Associate Professor
Division of International Studies
International Christian University

2008 Feb

Report No. 123
Discovery of the Epoch-Making Statin Drugs and Their Development

Akira Endo
Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Director, Biopharm Research Laboratories, Inc.

2007 Dec

Report No. 121
Shichu No Sankyo ―Spirit of Cha No Yu―

Sen Soushu
Mushakouji Senke; 14th Head Master, Futessai
General Director of the Foundation, Kankyuan

2007 Sep

Report No. 120
Scientific Approach to Brain and Mind

Yasushi Miyashita
Professor, Department of Physiology
Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo

2007 Jun

Report No. 119
Phronetic Strategy

Ikujiro Nonaka
Visiting Professor
Hitotsubashi University
Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy

2007 Jan

Report No. 117
The Manner Being Japan

Seigo Matsuoka
Executive Director、Editorial Engineering LaboratoryDirector、
ISIS Edit SchoolVisiting Professor、
The University of Tokyo

2006 Oct

Report No. 116
An Anti-Global Warming Theory

Shigenori Maruyama
Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering,
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences,
Tokyo Institute of Technology

2006 Aug

Report No. 115
Who is vulnerable to cancer and who is not?

Shoichiro Tsugane
Chief, Epidemiology and Prevention Division,
Research Centre for Prevention and Screening,
National Cancer Center

2006 Jun

Report No. 114
National Vitality and Dignity of Japan

Hiroto Ishida
Former ambassador to Czech Republic
President, Kanazawa Gakuin University
Supervisor, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

2006 Feb

Report No. 113
An Invitation to Geomatics

Joji Iisaka
Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria

2005 Dec

Report No. 111
Environment and Umwelt

Toshitaka Hidaka
Director General, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

2005 Oct

Report No. 110
The Development of Nonlinear Sciences

Miki Wadachi
Professor, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Chairman, Physical Society of Japan

2005 Jul

Report No. 109
A challenge to Bionics

Isao Karube
Professor, Tokyo University of Technology

2005 Feb

Report No. 107
New education for the 21st century

Tetsuo Tamura
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen

2004 Sep

Report No. 106
The Future Situation in Iraq and SDF Dispatch

Keiko Sakai
Senior Research Fellow, Area Study Center, Institute of Developing Economy

2004 Mar

151 corresponding view 41~60

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