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※Information concerning affiliation/post/profile of the laureate is current at the time he/she received the prize.

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Report No. 98
Biotechnological Study of Marine Life in Mariana Trench(translation of title not reviewed by author)

Koki Horikoshi
Professor Emeritus,Tokyo Institute of Technology

2001 Mar

Report No. 97
Epoch-Making Computers (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Ken Sakamura
Professor, University of Tokyo

2000 Dec

Report No. 95
Will Mankind Extinct Within 80 years? (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Jun-ichi Nishizawa
President, Iwate Prefectural University

2000 May

What Exactly is A Spiritually Affluent Society?

Eiko Oya Journalist
President, Nihon Information Systems Co., Ltd.

2000 Feb book

Report No. 93
We Can Live for 120 Years (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Isao Karube
Professor, University of Tokyo

1999 Sep

Report No. 92
Global Environment from the View of the Egyptian Culture (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Sakuji Yoshimura
Professor, Waseda University

1999 May

Report No. 91
Earth Exploration by Image Analysis (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Toshibumi Sakata
Director, Information Technology Center, Tokai University

1999 Feb

Concerning Education in Japan

Hayao Kawai
Director-General, International Research Center for Japanese Studies

1998 Mar book

Report No. 88
What Does the Cloned Sheep Show Us? (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Motoya Katsuki
Professor, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Tokyo

1997 Sep

On Complex Systems

Kazuo Kitahara
Professor, School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology

1997 Jun book

Report No. 87
Industrial Technology in the Future (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Masanori Yoshikai
Director, Engineering Planning Division, Technological Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, MITI

1997 Mar

Report No. 85
How Will Internet Change the Market and Businesses? (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Hiroshi Tasaka
Director, Japan Research Institute Limited

1996 Sep

Satellite-Based Global Environmental Monitoring

Mikio Takagi
Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

1996 Mar book

Report No. 80
Progress of Yen's Appreciation and Outlook of Smaller Businesses (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Tadao Kiyonari
Professor, Hosei University

1995 Jun

Report No. 82
Living Creatures Are All Machine (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Iwao Fujimasa
Professor, University of Tokyo

1995 May

Report No. 81
Right and Left in the Molecular World (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Reiko Kuroda
Professor, University of Tokyo

1995 Jan

Report No. 78
Life and Economy in the Future

Sumiko Takahara
Economist, Ex-Director General of the Economic Planning Agency of Japan

1994 May

Report No. 84
Life Science and HONDA-FUJISHIMA Effect (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Akira Fujishima
Professor, University of Tokyo

1994 Mar

Report No. 76
Abandoned Tokyo (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Yoshio Tsukio
Professor, University of Tokyo

1993 May

The Science of Simplicity and Complexity

Fumiko Yonezawa
Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

1993 Mar book

145 corresponding view 61~80

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