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※Information concerning affiliation/post/profile of the laureate is current at the time he/she received the prize.

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Report No. 106
The Search for Optimal Diets
:A Progress Report

Walter C. Willett
Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition,
Harvard School of Public Health

2004 Nov

Report No. 105
Research and Development of a Japanese Word Processor and Its Social Consequences

Ken-ichi Mori
Adviser to the Board of Toshiba Tec Corporation

2003 Nov

Report No. 102
The Catalytic Control of Motor Vehicle Emissions

Barry John Cooper
Vice-President of Johnson Matthey Inc. Catalytic Systems Division

2002 Nov

Report No. 100
Achieving Harmony Between Chemical Use and Environmental Stewardship

Donald Mackay Professor,Trent University

2001 Nov

Report No. 96
Creating New Material and New Source of Light

Shuji Nakamura
Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

2001 Feb

Report No. 94
Multidisciplinary Synthesis of Knowledge for applications in sustainable development

Aleksandra Kornhauser
Professor, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

2000 Feb

Report No. 90
Perfection and Imperfection in Nature and Industry

Hubert Curien
Professor, University of Pierre et Marie Curie

1999 Feb

Report No. 89
New Materials in the Service of Mankind

Gunter E. Petzow
Director emeritus, the Max-Planck Institute for Metals Research

1998 Mar

Report No. 86
Understanding the Causes of Aging and Cancer
: The Role of the Environment

Bruce N. Ames
Professor, University of California, Berkley

1997 Mar

Report No. 83
Product Complexity and Sustainable Development

Ake E. Andersson
Managing Director, the Swedish Institute for Futures Studies

1996 May

Report No. 79
Fractals and The Unity of Knowing and Feeling

Benoit B. Mandelbrot
Professor, Yale University

1995 Jul

Report No. 77
Biological Diversity and New Microbiology (translation of title not reviewed by author)

Koki Horikoshi Professor, Toyo University

1994 Mar

Report No. 75
: on the Cooperation and Self-organization in Nature and Humanity

Hermann Haken
Professor, University of Stuttgart

1993 Jun

Report No. 70
Eco-technology and the Conquest of Hunger

Monkombu S. Swaminathan
President, International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems

1992 Apr

Report No. 67
Architecture and Nature

Frei Otto
Professor, University of Stuttgart

1991 May

Report No. 62
The Birth and Evolution of Fuzzy Logic

Lotfi Asker Zadeh
Professor, University of California, Berkley

1990 Sep

Report No. 59
The International Dimension of Scientific and Technological Prospects and Perspectives

Paolo Maria Fasella
Professor, University of Rome

1989 Jul

Report No. 56
My Studies of The Semiconductor

Jun-ichi Nishizawa Professor, Tohoku University

1988 Jan

Report No. 57
The Scientific Responsibility of Biologists

Jean Dausset President, College de France

1988 Jan

Report No. 51
Planetary-scale Eco-technology

Carl E. Sagan
Professor, Cornell University

1987 Feb

45 corresponding view 21~40

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