Y-E-S奨励賞Plus 受賞者

Nguyen Thanh Duong


Japan has always been at the top of my heart when I was a child. Everything surrounding me from a Hitachi washing machine, Panasonic air conditioner or even the Dream motor bike manufactured by Honda were always considered as the most high-quality appliances in life of Vietnamese families. Therefore, I always dream to visit Japan someday in order to meet these talented and hard-working people from the labor force, who strive all their efforts to make such kind of good products for society. And participation in an internship at Kyoto University following Honda Y-E-S Award is definitely amazing opportunity to learn from their good manner of living, share our dreams as well as study success lessons for a future contribution to Vietnam. 
The first thing that came to my mind for Japan is your environmental quality is excellent as your citizens have a strong awareness to its impact to public health. For instance, every time I am walking along the streets, I did not see any kind of trash or unclassified garbage. Stunning Uji River made the way to school shorten as very clear and clean water flowed through a set of stones. That is how Japan impressed in foreign people’s life with an initiative approach on social economics with an emphasis on sustainability and a friendly nexus of human and environment.
Secondly, Japanese traditions is unique, beautiful and fantastic. As I enjoyed my New Year Holiday in Osaka, I visited Tennoji temple with my Vietnamese friends to celebrate and enjoyed that divine moments. I was then exposed to Japan traditions of luck-requesting by drinking alcohol or watching my life progress through seeing small note on a random choice. Also, there is a special occasion to hit the drum for more and more fortunate will come to you and your relative. These experiences were very excited as astonishing pieces of Japanese culture as it was out of my expectation.
Finally, Japanese cuisine is certainly delicious and unforgettable. A typical Japanese meal which consists of a bowl of rice (gohan), a bowl of miso soup (miso shiru), pickled vegetables (tsukemono) and fish or meat made me full all of the day. Several kinds of noodle (udon and soba ) are cheap and very popular for light meals. With a raw egg to make tsukimi udon, and deep-fried tofu aburaage to make kitsune udon, these udons made me a fan beside Vietnamese pho. Soba is served cold (zaru soba) with a dipping sauce, sliced green onions and wasabi and served in hot broth as a kake soba. As an island nation, the Japanese take great pride in their seafood. A wide variety of fish, squid, octopus, eel, and shellfish appear in all kinds of dishes from sushi to tempura with only ¥500 per dish. With clean, nutritious and delicious food, Japanese cuisine attracted me to come back and enjoy these meals again.
In conclusion, there are an uncountable wonderful things I have had enjoyed in Japan. All of these experiences were great memories and impressed me to visit your country again. That is to say, these remarkable spots proved why Japan is one of the most worth-living destination all around the world.








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