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Honda Y-E-S Award in India
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Honda Y-E-S Award 2009 in India Award Ceremony Highlights

Fifteen Excellent Students Received the 3rd Y-E-S Award in India

The award ceremony for the 3rd Y-E-S Award in India took place at Le Meridien Hotel in New Delhi on February 5, 2010. Our affiliated universities are now seven schools under the IIT among which two schools joined this year. More than 300 applications received, a large increase from the previous year, were screened down to 100 based on their performance records and essays. The fifteen recipients were selected after discrete interviews in which they were asked about their essays and aspirations.
At the venue, the recipients were celebrated by many guests including the 12th Honda Prize laureate Dr. Monkombu S. Swaminathan, university officials and media people as well as their families and friends. The ceremony was a gay gathering.

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Dr. Monkombu S. Swaminathan
Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)
Chairman, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation

Technologies which are environmental friendly over a long period of time can confirm sustainable happiness and sustainable prosperity. As far as the young engineers are concerned, our government named this decade which has started now 2010 as "The decade of innovation". You have a great opportunity today to innovate. The country is full of problems and full of challenges. But the challenges are also opportunities. I hope you will use your own intellect, your own hard work, your dreams, your desire and covert them into innovations which are meaningful to our people. Social relevance's and technological excellence of this country must be combined because they extend to poverty and malnutrition.
Mr. Akira Taniguchi
Vice President & Director, Honda Motor India Private Ltd.

In India, we are facing a difficult business situation, but are committed to continue with our CSR activities including the YES Award as we believe this is very important for sustainable development of the society as also our company. Through these awards, we aim to motivate young talent who would drive future society towards an eco-technical orientation. These awards emphasize Honda's aim of utilizing science and technology for the welfare of mankind and making way for pioneering research and innovation.
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