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Honda Y-E-S Award in India
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Honda Y-E-S Award 2012 in India Award Ceremony Highlights

Fourteen Excellent Students Received the 6th Y-E-S Award in India

The award ceremony for the 6th Y-E-S Award in India took place at Shangri-La Hotel New Delhi on February 15, 2013. With the inclusion of one more IIT school, a record number of 686 applications came from eight IIT campuses. The 14 awardees were selected as a result of careful consideration of performance records, essays, and two sessions of interviews. At the ceremony venue, the awardees were celebrated by about 200 participants, including their families and friends, university officials, and news people. One of the guests of honor, Ambassador of Japan to India Mr. Takeshi Yagi made a congratulatory speech.
Each year more Y-E-S awardees apply for the Y-E-S Award Plus. In 2012 six of the past awardees went to Japan for study and training. Hearing the reports on precious experience in Japan from two among them, this year's fresh awardees seemed they were developing a longing for Japan.

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Mr. Takeshi Yagi
Ambassador, Embassy of Japan in India

As an increasing number of Japanese companies enter into the Indian market, the demand for quality human resources such as IIT graduates expands rapidly. While government programs like JENESYS have been providing the opportunity of internship in the first-tier Japanese companies, I would like to applaud the Honda Foundation for its foresight and prescience to start this Y-E-S Award in India for the fostering of young scientists and engineers in 2007.
I hope as many awardees as possible will get in touch with some of Japanese cutting-edge technologies and their underlying cultures. That, I believe, will have a very positive impact on your future research and career, and eventually strengthen the bilateral relationship between India and Japan.
Mr. Toshio Sugiyama
President & Director, Honda Motor India Private Ltd.

Having started in 2007, a total of 70 students have been recognized through a rigorous selection process which not only lays emphasis on the academic achievements of applicants but also their clear understanding of application of science, especially in light of ecotechnology.
The Y-E-S Award provides an opportunity to aspiring students not only to pursue their own dreams, but also to extend their international exposure through internship programs at Japan's leading universities or companies. On behalf of Honda, I hope this award will inspire the awardees to scale new heights in pursuit of humane technologies, and thereby make significant contributions in the progress of mankind.
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