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Honda Y-E-S Award 2010 in India Award Ceremony Highlights

Fourteen Excellent Students Received the 4th Y-E-S Award in India

The award ceremony for the 4th Y-E-S Award in India took place at Le Meridien Hotel in New Delhi on February 26, 2011. More than 400 applications, a large increase from the previous year, came from seven affiliated IIT schools. They were screened down to 100 based on the performance records and essays. The fourteen awardees were selected after discrete interviews in which they were asked about their essays and aspirations.
At the venue, the awardees were celebrated by many guests including university officials and media people as well as their families and friends. Among the chief guests, the Planning Commission member of Government of India Dr. Krishnaswami Kasturirangan congratulated the awardees while the Selection Committee member Dr. Gagan Pratap explained how the awardees were selected. In addition, two 2009 Y-E-S Plus awardees reported their valuable experience in Japan and encouraged their juniors to also go study in Japan.

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Dr. Krishnaswami Kasturirangan
Member of Planning Commission, Government of India

Japan has a unique culture that has nurtured her strong science and technology. It seems quite possible that high-quality products can be produced because of her work culture where workers discuss and exchange ideas day and night. Studying in Japan will surely be a valuable experience for you. No economy can grow without the power of science and technology, and a lot of opportunities await you science students throughout the world. Please don't hesitate to challenge and carry on your long journey through life.
Mr. Akira Taniguchi
Vice President & Director, Honda Motor India Private Ltd.

Over the last three years, many of the Y-E-S awardees have visited Japan and completed their internship at leading-edge technology labs and firms. I suppose this exposure would have further widened their aspirations and motivated them to continue their endeavors in pursuit of technologies beneficial to all humanity. I sincerely hope this award will be a springboard for your professional career that may open up new possibilities toward further development of humane technologies.
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