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Honda Y-E-S Award in India
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* Information concerning affiliation/post/profile of the guest/awardee is current at the time of the award ceremony.

Honda Y-E-S Award 2008 in India Award Ceremony Highlights

Ten Excellent Students Received the Second Y-E-S Award in India

The award ceremony for the 2nd Y-E-S Award took place at the ITC Maurya in New Delhi on February 11, 2009. Our affiliated universities are now five schools under the IIT, and 100-plus applications, an increase from the first year, were received. By impartial screening on academic performance, interview, and essay, ten most brilliant applicants were chosen.
The awardees had an honor to be celebrated by guests including Advisor of the Indian Space Research Organization Prof. M.G.K. Menon former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan Mr. Kisaburo Tokai, university officials as well as their family, friends and several media.
In his speech, Prof. Menon acknowledged that “Japan owes much of its remarkable recovery in postwar economy to the advances in science and technology, but such development is an outcome of Japan’s cultural traditions and high standards of conduct.” He then continued, “I encourage you, possible Y-E-S Plus awardees, to also learn these less-visible qualities from Japan.” The two first Y-E-S Award Plus recipients talked about the devotion of their Japanese coworkers to monozukuri (manufacturing) and natural kindness as experienced in their internship program at the Japanese corporations and institutions. The Y-E-S Award program is steadily promoting mutual understanding among young people of India and Japan.

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Mr. Kisaburo Tokai
Former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology
Chairman of Research Commission on the Education System, LDP Member of the House of Representatives of Japan

The great postwar economic advances in Japan have been driven by its growing competitiveness in science and technology. Amid global economic challenges we are facing today, I still believe that we can overcome it by the best coordination and cooperation of the world community; and the science and technology will play a key role in such efforts. Especially the importance of ‘Ecotechnology’ will be increasingly felt as more people turn to building a mutually-beneficial society on environmentally-compatible technologies. I hope that the awardees today will unfold your full potential in Japan through the Y-E-S Award Plus, and grow into leaders for sound development in industry, science, and technology in India.
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