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Honda Y-E-S Award in Laos
Partnership with Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute (LJI)

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Honda Y-E-S Award 2012 in Laos Award Ceremony Highlights

Two Excellent Students Received the 5th Y-E-S Award in Laos

For the 5th Y-E-S Award in Laos, two most brilliant students were selected among 98 applicants from the science and engineering schools at National University of Laos, based on their performance records, interviews, and essays.
The award ceremony took place at the Assembly Hall at National University of Laos' Faculty of Engineering in Vientiane on January 23, 2013. There were a total of 334 participants, including the awardees, their families and friends, and the representatives from the Ministry of Education Lao PDR, the Embassy of Japan in Lao PDR, and National University of Laos.
Six of the eight past Y-E-S awardees attended the ceremony, except for two who currently study abroad. The participating students gave this year's awardees a big round of applause, which seemed to reflect the fact the Y-E-S Award program has helped talented students fulfill their potential.

< Congratulatory Speeches by Guests of Honor >

Dr.Saykhong Saynasine
Vice President, National University of Laos

I feel truly honored to confer the Y-E-S Award again this year to bright two of our students. We have selected a total of ten awardees over the past five years. Most of them are female, but this year we have found a male awardee. Like last year, we happily welcome and recognize eight other finalists. Let me express my heartfelt congratulations to them all.
On behalf of the National University of Laos, I would like to renew our sincere gratitude to the Honda Foundation for their provision of this encouraging prize to bright youngsters for five year in a row. I also feel obliged to convey our gratitude to those ladies and gentlemen who are present here, representing the Embassy of Japan in the Lao PDR, JICA, JICE, and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. May I ask continuation of your generous support for this program?
Lastly I hope each one of us will be able to play a constructive role to strengthen Lao ties with Japan.
Mr. Shigeki Kobayashi
Counsellor, Embassy of Japan to Laos PDR

The first point I would like to emphasize today is that the two awardees received the Y-E-S Award because of their hard work The award is also the result of strong support from their teachers, families, and friends.
In the zodiac system the year 2013 is the Year of the Dragon, which is traditionally seen in Japan as a time of growth and expansion. I feel it may be true, for economy in Laos is growing fast, with an increasing inflow of capital and aid from foreign countries. This of course includes generous support from Japan.
For further economic growth you will need expertise in modern technologies. A high level of human resources will be an important engine for effective reduction of poverty in Laos. I believe these aspiring students will continue their great efforts to acquire such technological expertise, and thereby contribute to the development of this country in an environmentally sustainable manner.
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